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For many people, nothing compares to the charm and workmanship found in an older home. The individuality of the home is reflected in the type of buyer attracted to these homes. We have found that owning a Vintage/Older home requires the 3 Ms:

  • Money
  • Motivation
  • Muscle


Money is the most obvious need when buying an older home. Simply due to the home’s age, you will need to plan for a higher than average maintenance budget.

If the older home you are considering buying is currently in need of many repairs, plan a budget which prioritizes the work needed as well as desired cosmetic changes. The internet is a wonderful tool to use for this purpose.

Sites such as (The Home Service Store), and provide information on many remodeling projects, repairs or additions.


Even if you have the resources to have all changes, repairs and cosmetic needs performed by a professional contractor, you will still need to dedicate much time in researching materials and products, dealing with changes found during renovations and overseeing the progress.

If the thought of this excites you…then a wonderful charming home may be in your future.


Renovating, repairing, or even simply maintaining an older home requires perseverance and sheer muscle. As with motivation, even if you are not planning on doing repairs or renovations yourself, managing even the best contractors will take strength and energy.

Are you comfortable in this role? Do you have experience managing or performing renovation projects? Have you ever ordered a transcript or video of a THIS OLD HOUSEā„¢ episode? If so, good luck with your new/old home!

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