What type of buyer are you?

If you are you in the process of buying a home you will want to make an informed decision and take into consideration your specific needs? Your needs may be different from another buyer depending on what type of home buyer you are. For example, if you looking at purchasing a second or vacation home, the amount of maintenance the home will require may be a big concern. On the other hand, if you are a handy home buyer and have always dreamed of buying your own fixer upper and making needed repairs and upgrades yourself, you may have different requirements. Here you can find buyer information specific to many different types of buying options or properties.

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers Buying a home is often one of the most important – and expensive – decisions you can make. Try to ensure you know everything you can about a home before you buy. We at the Johnson Team can guide you through this process.

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First Time Buyers

Single Buyers

Single Buyers Taking on the challenges of home ownership and maintenance can be challenging enough for two people – here are some great insights for people looking to go it alone.

Vintage Property Buyers

Vintage Property Buyers Older homes have charm and details that are often missing from newer construction. But because of their advanced age and methods of construction, vintage homes require a trained eye that can provide an objective opinion.

Townhouse/Condo Buyers

Townhouse/Condo Buyers Although these types of dwellings generally require less maintenance than detached, single-family homes, there are things to look out for – especially when it comes to shared systems and structural elements.

Custom Home Buyer

contemporaryThe custom home buyer has typically owned at least one home in their life and has an understanding of the home owning process. This type of buyer knows what they want out of their home from location to efficiency, construction materials to landscape.The custom home buyer is looking for a home that suits them directly. It may be a home without plans and needing an architect to design – or, they may already have plans that need to be adjusted to suit their needs.
We can assist in the entire process from finding a suitable architect, builder to helping find the perfect location for an exquisite home.

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How to Get Started

New Home Buyer

 I don’t have the time to ‘start from scratch’ but I want to make it mine and see what is available.  I have an idea of what areas I’d like to live in and a general idea of my price range and square footage requirements.  I want to see new construction homes that are already started, that I might be able to customize to my own taste.

Just Browsing

townhouse I am looking for a new home but it doesn’t have to be new construction.  I just started my search and need some advice on which areas might fit my needs.  I have a general idea for what type of home I’m looking for, but I don’t mind whether a home is older or brand new.

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I am just getting started on my search and I’m not sure what I want quite yet.  I am interested in seeing what my choices are.  I might need some advice on what type of home fits my needs and I want to know how much I can afford.

Vacation Home Buyers

Vacation Home Buyers Because they are generally located in areas of extreme environmental conditions (salt air, snow, etc.), vacation homes are subject to more weather related wear and tear than homes in more moderate areas. Also, since these homes are usually occupied only part-time, owners need to be more vigilant about maintenance.

Vacation Home Buyers

Multi-Family Home Buyers

Vacation Home Buyers Multi-family homes are a great way to put a roof over your head while generating income at the same time. However, as an owner/landlord, you are responsible for maintaining your rental unit as well as your residence – and any of the common elements and systems.

Multi-Family Home Buyers

Investment Properties

Investment Properties Real estate, including commercial property, continues to be a sound investment. Your local HouseMaster inspector can be instrumental in helping you determine the condition of the building or unit.

Investment Properties


Courtesy of Rick Bryant at Housemaster home inspections.

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